Here at MPS We believe in good honest hard work.
We nurture and invest in our people. Our main focus is sharing our skills and pride in our trade with you our customers. Master Painting Services Inc. is here to bring your vision to life.

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Master Painting Services, inc. Residential&commercial

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Master Painting Services Inc, Painters  Commercial or Residential, Tacoma, WA

Proudly Serving Washington State's Greater Puget Sound area.

“I am honored and proud to be working with such an amazing team of people.
All of us here at MPS have immense pride in our Trade, we are very thankful
to our customers for allowing us to share our talents and skills with them.”

- Ron Surrett
Founder and President
Master Painting Services Inc.

Our Mission is to be the best, most environmentally sustainable Painting operation in the Great Pacific Northwest. We aim to achieve this by above and beyond exceeding industry standards. Our Focus is on you, our customer! Followed by Extensive Product Knowledge, Expert Skill & Technique, Safety, Veracity, Reliability and Fair pricing so that we may exceed your expectations every time.

We provide in depth consistent training, education and career development for our employees. We aim to nurture our people, our most valued asset. Contrary to popular belief, painting is not an unskilled labor. A Painter who fully understands his or her craft is one of the most skilled crafts-people in the Construction Industry.

We utilize our people- and earth-friendly products wherever possible to protect our customers, their homes, businesses, and our world. To lessen the impact of our Industry and Operations not only do we use Earth friendly products whenever possible, we Recycle and we strive to lessen our Carbon footprint year after year.

We also educate and train our employees on ways to lessen their environmental impact so that they can at home and work make the least impact on our world- and live Healthy Greener Lives.

I am a proud 3rd Generation Painter. As a young man I started helping my Father paint, I learned early on that being a Painter is all about your Customers. The respect you show them and their Home / Business. Using your talents and skills to create something special just for them. A happy customer and word of mouth is the most important advertising a Painter can get. Their Home or Business is your portfolio. I have learned a lot from my Father and continue to do so. You do the work right the first time, you never compromise on quality, you never back down from a challenge and you must always be fair and give your customers your all. As a young boy I remember being so proud to help my Dad and the pride I felt when we would drive by something that my Dad painted, now I am proud to be able to share that with my children. They get so excited to see the places that Daddy and Grandpa have painted.

I have been active in the Industry for over 17 years. I have worked with some great people and companies over the years and have learned a lot about the Painting and Construction Trades. I decided to take all of my experience, talents, skills and love for the Craft of Painting and start Master Painting Services Inc. a full service Residential, Commercial and Custom Painting Company. All of us here at MPS strive to do our best in everything we do and our goal is to bring the focus of Painting back to the true skilled Craft it is. We whole heartily believe in Honor, Quality, Reliability and Value.

MPS Inc. stands on 3 generations of Drive, Passion and Skill. Anyone out there can claim to be a “Painter” but if you do not Love what you do and strive to be the best, it shows. Everyone on our team has earned their way there. To be a member of the MPS team it means that you are a stand up person of strong character. You are Reliable, Passionate, Driven, Talented, You never stop seeking Knowledge and Strive for Excellence in everything you do.

- Ron Surrett
President / CEO

Master Painting Services Inc.